I love to read. I am definitely Bookworm Obsessed. I am most likely to pick up a Sarah Dessen Novel or Nicholas Sparks book to anything written by J.K. Rowling or Suzanne Collins. I love Contemporary Fiction, Young adult and even New adult novels. I am only 25 so I like to read things that could actually happen to me. I want to be able to relate to what the author is saying. Escape from the real world, that's what a book is to me, an escape.

Just wanted to share the sweetness

I just wanted to share the sweetest thing my boyfriend has ever said to me. I text him while cleaning last night, 


"Babe. I have too many books. I need another bookshelf. :("


He writes back. 


"You can have mine. :)" 


My boyfriend is gonna give me his bookshelf so that I can display all my pretties. 

I Love him. 



Top 6 Favorite Authors


This is my list of Top Favorite authors. I put alot of thought into this list. I do not take this list lightly. If an author is on this list, There's a pretty good reason why. I am going to run you down the top 6 favorite authors. Ready? 



Number 6 : John Green

Favorite Book: The Fault in our Stars. 


I know, I know. Every teenage/Young adults are riding the John Green Fan Train right now, But this is seriously an amazing book. There is not one part of it that was not well written. John Green sends you on a emotional rollercoaster with this one. John Green is definitely a newbie on my favorite authors list. But I have no doubts that he may rise to the top, or close to it, rather quickly. "Looking for Alaska" is next on my reading agenda. I will let you all know how this turns out. 



Number 5: Susane Colasanti

Favorite Book: Something like Fate


Susane Colasanti is one of my first reads. I started my book obsession when I was working nights at a local hospital downtown. I would Work 3 - 12 hour shifts a week. Well all the other nights were stuck on the same schedule. Sleep all day, up all night. At the time, I was living with my parents and wouldn't really be able to leave, and everyone was asleep anyways, so I started to pass the sleepless nights by reading. Susane Colasanti, was one of the first ones that I couldn't put down. She is now one of the authors in my library that I own multiple books by. That's not usually the case. She is very well written, Her Story lines flow nicely, and she is relatable. I have not picked up one book, that I didnt have a hard time putting down. 



Number 4: Jennifer Echols

Favorite Book: Going too Far


Jennifer Echols, like all the authors on my list, is an amazing writer. Well written, Story flows nicely, yada yada yada. The think that I love about her, is that he stories seem to have a bit of an edge to it. Kinda badass. She always has very strong women characters, most of her books are romantic, but in a teenage years sorta way. Makes you feel like you are reliving your high school years all over again  (without the snotty girls and the dumb jock boys). Any and all of her books are good reads. Cant wait to check out the rest of her catalog. 




Number 3: Jenny Han

Favorite Book: The Summer I Turned Pretty.


This is actually a series. "The Summer I Turned Pretty", "Its not summer without you", and "We'll always have Summer". Three amazing books. This is the only books I have ever read from Jenny Han, and I love them! I can not wait to read more of her work, as it becomes available to me. She is a great author. All the books in this series seem to flow. The next one making you impatient for the next. I am still waiting for another book, although Ms. Han has made it clear that this is the end of the road for Belly. I have read many series, and by atleast the second book, I am bored and dont care about what happens in the end. I have a hard time keeping interest in series, if there is more than 3, I just never end up finishing it. Not at all the case with Jenny Han. I could not get enough of the characters. She is very good at making sure her readers know every possible detail. 



Number 2: Nicholas Sparks

Favorite Book: The Last Song

To be honest, I had he hardest time trying to decide my favorite book from Mr. Sparks. To be honest, Every hopeless romantic bookworm, loves Nicholas Sparks. 

To be honest, The notebook is not his greatest work. 

Nicholas Sparks, is a great writer and even better at making sure the whole story is captured in the film adaptations. I can not just chose one book by him. Its impossible for me. My sister and I both love his work and have a tradition of our own. We always read the book first. Right when it starts advertising for the movie, we start ( I am always done first). After we both are done, We set a date and go see the movie together. Then we spend the whole car ride home, discussing the movie, comparing it to the book, as well as comparing to other sparks movies. He is a very excellent, well rounded author. He writes books that pull at the heart strings of the younger adult crowds, but then comes out with a book for the older generation. Never disappointing either group. Not many authors can please daughters and there mothers, quite possibly the grandmothers as well. Usually, authors have that one group they appeal to, not Mr. Sparks. Amazing Author.



Number 1: Sarah Dessen

Favorite Book: Dreamland


This is the author, and the book, that started it all. Dreamland started my bookworm obsession around the age of 12. I had a paper to write for school, a book report actually. My mom drove me to the library, drug me to the "Teen" section and make me stay there until I chose a book. I hated the library, I hated to read. I had just found out that I was dyslexic and dreaded any type of reading. I am so glad that my mama took me there. I read dreamland atleast 3 times that summer. I loved it. When I started back with my obsession a few years back, Dreamland was one of the first books I bought. I have read every Sarah Dessen book since. I am absolutely In love with her work. I have not read one book that slightly disappointed. Sarah Dessen has been my favorite author since that day in the library. Her stories are Real, Addicting, and Satisfying all at the same time. Any time I am asking for recommendations, Sarah and this book, are always at the top of my list. I owe all my bookworm obsession happiness to Mrs. Sarah Dessen

So many books, So little Time

I am extremely disappointed in my book progress this year. I started out strong, always 2-3 books ahead of my schedule. but then, I ended my engagement and moved back home to mommy and daddy, Depression sunk in and I stopped reading as much. Then I met my amazing boyfriend, Codie, and I just couldn't get away from him enough to have quiet time and read. Trust me, I did not have the interest in trying to read, I only want to be with him. Now That its getting cold out and I cant really do much, I am trying to meet my goal and finish strong with 50 books this year. and next year I fully plan to push myself far and up my goal reading list to 100 or more books. I am slowly learning again that I am slacking and that there is so many books I want to read, and so little time to do it. I have however, started making up for it. I have read 3 books in the last 3 days and I want to do everything I can to keep up with this trend. Tonights Read, "Looking for Alaska" by John Green.


Thursday night will prolly break my stride tho, Trick or Treating with my Love and Zoey. :) Then a weekend of spending time with my love and being lazy. God, I love him and our time together. :)

"The world is not a wish - granting factory." - John Green, The Fault in Our Stars